GEN + Astropreneurs Launched GEN Space in an Exciting Takeoff
Photo Credit: Viktor Weisz
GEN Space was officially launched during MiSK Global Forum 2019 in Riyadh!
20 Nov 2019

GEN Space was officially launched during the 2019 MiSK Global Forum. The initiative is to serve an emerging entrepreneurial sector – the space industry – with new programs and a global platform. It promotes collaboration and helps to increase the viability of space commerce by connecting existing and nascent space entrepreneurs with relevant government agencies, industry, and investors.

GEN Space connects the more than 2,000 companies, which employ thousands of potential “astropreneurs,” that are developing launch systems, space hardware technology, and support infrastructure, including habitats, advanced materials, big data, exotic fuels, flight safety, agricultural products, mining, engineering and space suits, among other things. In addition, it will be open to companies that currently serve terrestrial markets but have the potential to solve grand space challenges.

To achieve its goals, GEN Space is:

  • Creating a GEN Space global community that enables collaboration and information sharing among current and potential astropreneurs
  • Supporting and networking newspace ecosystems
  • Raising awareness among global investors of the promise of space entrepreneurship
  • Sharing best practices among accelerators, incubators, and ecosystems globally
  • Promoting the space sector among universities’ science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) schools to help them develop the next generation of space talent
  • Hosting periodic webinars for astropreneurs featuring space investors, astropreneurs, and high-profile customers/partners.

To join the GEN Space network, or learn more information about the initiative, please contact Stephan Reckie at

William Charter

Chief of Staff | Global Entrepreneurship Network

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