Space: The Boldest Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
29 May 2018

As long as there have been people on Earth, we have looked to the heavens in wonder and sought answers. It’s where our imagination and creativity, as well as our hopes and dreams have led. Last month I was introduced to Global Entrepreneurship Network: Space (GEN Space); the boldest, newest ecosystem, open to all who venture to go where no one has gone before.

Across the globe, we were taught about astronomers like Galileo and Copernicus, timeless mythology is intrinsically tied to the stars, literary genres, academic courses and popular music are just a sampling of things space related. It does not matter where you were born, what you look like, whether you’re able bodied, nor your socio-economic status, space is universal (pun self-evident). The world changed when early scientists shared their discoveries, as Yuri Gagarin orbited the Earth, as Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Time and again, as exploration and our imaginations took the next step, a ripple was felt. Discoveries such as insulation, prosthetic limbs, and smart phone cameras, just to name a few, came from technology around space programs. We grappled with ideas of equality and diversity in books by Ursula LeGuin and Kurt Vonnegut, and shows like Star Trek.

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Cecilia Wessinger

Founder/ Ecosystem Builder/ Community Catalyst | Mass Collaboration


Cecilia Wessinger is an entrepreneurial ecosystem builder and founder of Mass Collaboration. Her current role supporting ecosystem… More