China Celebrating GEW 2018 by Focusing on Innovation Investment
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14 Nov 2018

For Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018, China is celebrating by making a concerted effort to focus on the investments angel investors and venture capital firms can make in innovative tech startups. This year’s activities, including an Investment Summit and a Venture Capital Summit point to a larger trend in the Chinese startup ecosystem both in where seed capital is coming from and where it is going.

Chinese Innovators and entrepreneurship supporters have been celebrating entrepreneurship and the possibilities it promises young people since 2006. That year marked the launch of the Entrepreneurship Foundation for Graduates (EFG), which is dedicated to changing the mindset of young college graduates and helping them consider the path of entrepreneurship.

The last 12 years have been good for Chinese entrepreneurship. EFG reports reaching more than 150,000 entrepreneurs, investors and ecosystem supporters since its launch. It has been able to engage people from local communities all the way up to Chinese President Xi Jinping. Also the official GEW host in China, EFG has been able to leverage the Global Entrepreneurship Network’s connections to drive conversations around better ways to support innovative tech startups.

In its 2017 report on angel investments in China, EFG noted several trends that are dictating the approach it is taking towards entrepreneurship moving forward. According to its report, the majority of angle investments in China are going to internet and IT startups. EFG said more than 234 million dollars was invested by angel investors in 2016 alone, the majority of the money going to startups that promised innovation in technology.

EFG also noted that a tumultuous market in 2015 shifted the investment landscape. According to EFG, seed capital for startups is no longer coming from individual funders but instead coming from venture capital firms.

Now in 2018, GEW China and EFG are working to support and foster more investment activity around venture capitals, angel investors and innovative startups. As part of China’s GEW celebrations, there are two summits planned for the week – an Investment Summit and a Venture Capital Summit.

The Investment Summit features keynote addresses from investors such as Haibo Lv, partner at Shanglun Law Firm, and Qiang Qu, partner at Newsion Venture. Participating organizations include Setup VC, Capital Today, Atom Ventures, My Tech and Chenhui Venture Partners. The day-long summit includes topics that will help investors and VCs make better startup investments – including understanding investment trends and making a sound exit strategy.

The Venture Capital Summit takes a more focused approach, highlighting the role investments play in fostering innovations in the field of artificial intelligence in China. The summit provides sessions that look at why investors should seek out AI startups by focusing on the different applications for AI in business. By doing so, the summit aims to get more VCs to invest and finance cutting-edge AI technology.

GEW China also has several other activities planned across the country as well, which you can join by visiting their website here. This link will also provide you with more information on the two summits planned for GEW 2018.

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