China Prepares to Mark 13th Global Entrepreneurship Week Campaign
Shanghai, China
Photo Credit: Shanghai, China
GEW has been held in China annually since 2007.
25 Oct 2021

With Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2021 right around the corner, national organizers are working hard to bring campaigns to life in 200 countries. In the weeks leading up to GEW (Nov. 8-14), GEN will spotlight some of these campaigns to share how entrepreneurs are being inspired and empowered in different parts of the world.     

GEN caught up with Chenyu Jiang, GEW Host in China and Project Manager at Shanghai Technology Entrepreneurship Platform (STEP) to learn about the activities planned, the collaboration taking place to make it all possible, and goals for the 2021 campaign.   

GEN: How is your country coming together to celebrate GEW?  

Chenyu Jiang, GEW China: GEW China has been successfully held since 2007 by EFG Bank International. A series of activities have been developing for this year’s campaign in cities across China. We have 10 city partnerships including Shanghai, Xian, Wuhan, Haikou, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Chongqing, Shenzhen and Pingdingshan. We expect that more cities and agencies will join the network and make contributions to the development of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

GEN: What key activities are taking place in China during GEW?  

Chenyu Jiang, GEW China: This year, our GEW Opening Ceremony is the most popular event. We are also hosting an event called ‘Enterprise Innovation Requirements Matchmaking,’ which aims to provide a platform for large companies to launch their requirements on innovation as an opportunity to display and integrate innovation progress; and ‘Yangtze River Delta Innovation Ecosystem Summit,’ which generates both the highest quality and largest number of technology innovation companies in China.   

More information on these events will be available soon.

GEN: What are your goals for GEW 2021?   

Chenyu Jiang, GEW China: Our goal is to provide professionally-hosted events to help entrepreneurs across the board. 

GEN: Why is Global Entrepreneurship Week important for China's startup ecosystem?    

Chenyu Jiang, GEW China: GEW builds a perfect platform to help entrepreneurs efficiently find proper investment and industrial capital. It helps participants quickly comprehend industry trends and hot topics through 50+ various themed events around China. 

GEN: What do you want the world to know about your country's startup ecosystem? What trends, if any, are you noticing?     

Chenyu Jiang, GEW China: China is one of the top economic entities in the world and is the world’s leading innovation hub. Many foreigners are starting their businesses in China from scratch or expanding from overseas to the Chinese market. China is also an ideal place to relocate for transportation, education and e-commerce / retail startups.   

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