GEW China’s 10 Years of Celebrations Strengthens the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
1 Nov 2017

Submitted by GEW China

The grand opening of the 10th Global Entrepreneurship Week China in 2016 was held at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum on Nov. 14, organized by Shanghai Technology Entrepreneurship Foundation for Graduates (EFG).

Jonathan Ortmans, president of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, which is the organizing body of GEW, attended the opening ceremony and announced the launch of the 10th GEW China. Zhou Bo, vice mayor of Shanghai, also attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. More than 70 entrepreneurial service organizations, hundreds of famous investors and enterprisers, and thousands of entrepreneurs all around China will organize and participate in hundreds of activities with various characteristics in the Week from Nov. 14 – 20. Meanwhile, Hong Kong, Suzhou, Wuhan, Jinan, Haikou, Xi’an and Shenzhen will jointly celebrate the entrepreneurial carnival of GEW China.

Vice Mayor Bo said in his speech that GEW China has been settled in Shanghai and developed for 10 years. During these 10 years, it achieved a good communication effect of entrepreneurship and created a great entrepreneurial atmosphere in Shanghai, especially when Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the 7th GEW China in 2013, he called upon the entire society to support youth entrepreneurship and innovation, greatly stimulating the entrepreneurial passion of college students. Today, GEW has become the brand event of entrepreneurship, which attracts the participation of entrepreneurs, investors and enterprisers.

Vice mayor Bo also said that Shanghai is giving great impetus to promote the establishment of technology and innovation center that has worldwide influence, and we are expecting more and more international organizations and professionals to participate in and support the establishment of technology and innovation center in all kinds of ways. With the spirit of generosity and inclusiveness, pursuit of excellence, openness and sagacity, modesty and gentleness, Shanghai will continue to build the platform for the youth to achieve their dreams and expect great startups and entrepreneurs that could benefit the society will emerge in the future.

According to the organizer, GEW China in this year is cooler than before. Activities with different themes will be held in 6 venues simultaneously. Besides the previously existing activities like the Opening Ceremony, New Product Release Conference, Angel into the Lad, and New Formats Forum on Entrepreneurial Service, new activities will make their debuts in this event, such as CEO Annual Meeting, DoerLink Top 500 Innovation Demands Release Conference, Shanghai Entrepreneurial Index Report Release Conference, and AI DAY: the Future of AI, which will made a feast for the eyes of the participants on hard technology, healthcare, games, finance, VR/AR, and other active fields.

During the Week, industry’s pioneers, big names from investment field, heavyweight guests from the circles of entrepreneurship and investment will share their personal entrepreneurial journeys and probe into the hottest topics of the industry. With the startups as its core, GEW China does not only set exhibition areas for them, but organizes activities like Entrepreneurial Service and My Date with Angel Investors as well. On stage, there will be hundreds of famous guests at home and abroad giving speeches and round-table discussion, plus hundreds of promising startups’ roadshows. Off stage, activities like Entrepreneurial Service and Angel Investment Extensive Training Camp will provide on-site Q&A for the entrepreneurs who need help; My Date with Angel Investors will offer a bridge to startups and founding teams to talk with the investors face to face.

Meanwhile, a new element, Future Intelligence, will make its debut in the GEW China this year. According to the organizer, GEW China in this year does not only set up a special exhibition area for AR/VR, but also start ad hoc activities, such as Future Intelligence Day and AI Day: the Future of AI. “We will focus on the concepts of AR/VR, AI, Industry 4.0 and Smarter Planet, and enrich the related activities and displays.”


The International Community Shows Great Interest in China's Entrepreneurship

President of the international organizing committee of GEW, Jonathan Ortmans’ visit coincides with the 10th anniversary of GEW China, which shows doubtlessly that the international community pays increasing attention to China’s entrepreneurship.

At the opening ceremony, president Jonathan Ortmans congratulated the 10th anniversary of GEW China. He said that “I would like to give my sincere thanks to those that I know have been very important in helping Global Entrepreneurship Week China to be such a success, the Chinese Central Government, Shanghai Municipal Government, the deputy mayor, the GEW China organizing committee, EFG, and the organizations that have a great deal of confidence in their ability to help us improved collaboration of Entrepreneurship around the world. We are honored to work together over the last 10 years, helping Global Entrepreneurship Week rapidly develop, which is now 165 countries.”

According to the 2015 report of UHY International, a British accounting and consulting firm, China has become the “top star” in the wave of innovation around the world, with the birth of 4000 startups every day. The number of China’s startups has doubled to 1.609.700 from 2010 to 2014, far more than Britain who ranked the second.

In fact, GEW China derives its origin from GEW and always adheres to international vision. Since globalization increasingly becomes the new trend for entrepreneurial incubation, overseas delegates of ventures and incubators, and organizers who features in international incubation are invited to carry out entrepreneurial activities. And overseas startups that have demands of Chinese market are invited to participate in GEW China. Meanwhile, activities like Sino-US Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum for Big Names and XNode Pitching Project Roadshow will be held during the Week.

The entrepreneurial veteran of Silicon Valley, founder of Founders Space, chief mentor, famous Angel Investor, serial entrepreneur, Steve Hoffman showed up at GEW China and delivered a keynote speech about how to achieve the value of 1 billion dollars on November 15th. Startup Leadership, the worldwide famous entrepreneurial leadership training institution, also participated in this event and discussed how to improve entrepreneurial leadership and how to create the best opportunity to market your products and services.


Inheritance of Entrepreneurship
The First Presentation of Eagle Award

Eagle Award was presented at the opening ceremony aiming at creating a great atmosphere for the development of startups and encouraging the growth of excellent startups. According to the organizer, the awarded startups cannot be understated for their potential and the excellent entrepreneurial projects for which they are awarded are funded by Entrepreneurship Foundation, including the fields of living consumer guide, overseas students services, wireless charging, etc, which shows the diversity of college students’ entrepreneurship to a certain extent. The selection of Eaglets Awards is fully committed to helping excellent startups to link more and better entrepreneurial resources.

2016 is the 10th anniversary of GEW China organized by EFG, and is also the 10th anniversary of Entrepreneurship Foundation founded by EFG. In the wave of China’s 10-year innovation and entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Foundation has not only witnessed the difficult process the youth entrepreneurs have been through, but also witnessed their growth and development. Eagle Award is presented in recognition of the outstanding high-growth startups funded by Entrepreneurship Foundation during these 10 years.

For example, Eleme, the famous O2O platform for food services, has become the market leader. As one of the biggest O2O platforms in China, Eleme was founded in April, 2009 and funded by EFG in 2010. With 250,000RMB funding by Entrepreneurship Foundation of EFG, Eleme achieved sweeping progress and quickly got rounds of financing. By the end of August in 2015, Eleme announced that they got 630 million dollars financing which made their evaluation exceed 3 billion dollars. In April, 2016, Eleme announced they got 1.25 billion dollars financing from Alibaba.

Aihuishou is an environmental startup and has increasingly developed in recent years and become the biggest online platform for electronics recycling; with innovative spirit and professional technology, Techase sells products to more than 50 countries and area all around the world.

Entrepreneurship Foundation is a non-profit foundation devoted to helping the innovation and entrepreneurship of college students. By the end of October in 2016, Entrepreneurship Foundation has received 5,690 entrepreneurial projects' applications and funded 1559 projects in total, which promotes employments for nearly 20,000 people. An increasing number of entrepreneurs with dream, passion, preparation and capacity are constantly emerging and developing accompanied by EFG.

According to the official of Entrepreneurship Foundation, the strategic importance of helping college students’ entrepreneurship is to cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs, and the experience and growth they could achieve during this time precedes success. The presentation of Eagle Award represents the inheritance of entrepreneurship. And the survival and success of the awarded startups as the entrepreneurship was changing rapidly during the 10 years means they are the true leaders that stand the test of time.


The Development of GEW China in the Past 10 Years

President Jonathan Ortmans said in his speech at the opening ceremony: “The mission of GEW is to create entrepreneurial consciousness, cultivate entrepreneurial abilities, and transform the dreams, ideas and passion of entrepreneurs into confidence, power and hope.” GEW China does not only inherit the mission of GEW, but also fits with Chinese strategy of mass entrepreneurship and innovation and the strategy of innovation-driven development, providing the driving force for the innovation-driven development.

The 18th CPC National Congress put forward the strategy of innovation-driven development and emphasized that technological innovation is the strategic support to improve social productivity and comprehensive national strength, which should be regarded as the core of national development.

With the faster process of globalization, countries around the world start to enhance the strategy deployment of innovation. The US issued Strategy for American Innovation, which enhances and pays more attention to innovation based on national development strategy and path; EU issued EUROPE 2020 and is devoted to becoming the most competitive state coalition in the world; Japan issues Digital Japan Innovation Program in 2009 to gradually step into the phase of Nation-building on Science and Technology and strategic adjustment; in 2000, South Korea set up long-term development programme of science and technology by issuing Conceptions of 2025 and put forward the goal of becoming the main research center in the Asia-Pacific region in 2015. Facing the advancing deployments of developed countries in the world, China need to further strengthen the crisis consciousness and firmly implement the strategy of innovation-driven development, by which China could take the preemptive opportunities in the competition of comprehensive national strength.

Under this circumstance, GEW China takes 10-year effort to reach new heights with its accomplishments. During the past 10 years, more and more young entrepreneurs have developed scientific views of employment and entrepreneurship, while EFG has gathered a large number of incubators and entrepreneurial service organizations due to the development of GEW China, and become the cradle and base for entrepreneurs. The new forms of early-stage entrepreneurial projects provide new impetus for the innovation of more and more colossus companies.

Founded in August 2006, Shanghai Technology Entrepreneurship Foundation for Graduates (EFG) was China’s first non-profit public foundation who spreads entrepreneurial culture and supports entrepreneurial practice aiming at helping college students’ entrepreneurship in the form of advocacy, education and funding. In China, EFG spares no effort to create the power of cohesion, influence and innovation of GEW China. As of now, GEW China has organized activities in 17 provinces, 123 cities, 180 colleges and universities in China, worked with more than 50 institutions and 120 media, held 100 entrepreneurship-themed events, and collected over 20,000 entrepreneurial proposals. And the total number of participants has exceeded 150,000, including entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial service providers, investment agencies and enterprises interested in entrepreneurial field.

EFG started Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in 2010, aiming at finding and cultivating entrepreneurs in the world by charity training. By the end of October in 2016, it has held 28 sessions of courses and trained more than 1,700 entrepreneurs. Founded by EFG in 2015, Shanghai Entrepreneurship Assessment Center (EAC) built norms with the scale of thousands of people and established entrepreneurial model based on the data platform of EFG, providing professional services such as entrepreneurship assessment and technology supports. Combining modern psychology, EAC provides human-oriented after-investment service for entrepreneurs and teams to rebuild a strong heart of entrepreneurship.


1. 2006-2016 Eagle Award for Excellent Entrepreneurship Foundation Projects in 10 Years                       

  • Eleme           
  • 59store         
  • Aihuishou                 
  • 24tidy
  • Techase
  • Shanghai Accuracy & Intelligence Co., LTD
  • Shanghai Fulzen Intelligence Technology Co., LTD
  • Shanghai Listen Vison Technology Co., LTD
  • Shanghai Green Marks Information Technology Co., LTD     
  • Shanghai Ideaoptics Co., LTD                 
  • Shanghai Titan Technology Co., LTD


2. Eaglets Awards

  • Shanghai Muci Network Technology Co., Ltd (         
  • Shanghai Haonian Information Consulting Co. , Ltd              
  • Zier AI Technology Co., LTD         
  • Shanghai Efood Supply Chain Management Co. , Ltd           
  • Shanghai Youli Network Technology Co., Ltd
  • Shanghai Hongli Information Technology Co., Ltd
  • Shanghai Zhiyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd
  • Shanghai Beiwei New Material Technology Co., Ltd
  • Shanghai Yuchong Pet Product Co., Ltd
  • Yunshen Technology(Shanghai) Co., Ltd
  • Shanghai Shanpin Network Technology Co., Ltd (Motitravel)


3. 2016 Angel Investor Top 30





Longling Capital

Cai Wensheng


Qingsong Fund

Dong Zhanbin


Atom Ventures

Feng Yiming


Haiquan Fund

Hu Haiquan


Future Capital

Huang Mingming


Geek Founders

Jiang Tao


Zhenshun Fund

Kong Yi


Xike Angel Fund

Li Hao



Li Li


Innovation Angel Fund

Li Zhu


Legend Star

Liu Wei


Tisiwi Ventures

Pang Xiaowei



Qi Yuwei


Eastern Bell Venture Capital

Tang Tao


Long Capital

Wang Gongbin


Innovation Works

Wang Hua


Angel & A-round Investment

Wang Haoze


Unity Ventures

Wang Xiao


Plum Ventures

Wu Shichun


Gobi Ventures

Xu Chen


Zhen Fund

Xu Xiaoping


My Tech Ventures

Yu Jianghong


Fenghou Capital

Yue Tao


GSR Ventures

Zhu Xiaohu


Innovation Valley

Zhu Bo


Entertainment Works

Zhang Wei


Cyanhill Capital

Zhang Ye


Cowin Venture

Zhao Guibin


PurpleSky Venture

Zheng Gang


Decent Investment

Zeng Liqing


Videos from GEW China's Celebrations




About GEW

GEW emerged as a combination of Enterprise Week UK 2004 and Entrepreneurship Week USA 2007. GEW China was sponsored by EFG. During one week each November, thousands of events and competitions in 160 countries inspire millions to engage in entrepreneurial activity while arousing their potentials of innovation and entrepreneurship. With the participation of entrepreneurs, students, educators, enterprises, business leaders, employees, leaders of non-profit organizations and government official and the joint forces of all sectors of society, GEW accelerates the development of global entrepreneurship by promoting the local and global entrepreneurial activities. This initiative encourages the youth to develop their creativity, imagination and innovation.

GEW aims at carrying forward the entrepreneurial culture through global interactive events full of passion and joy. Entrepreneurial culture will take root in people’s daily life, making the youth experience the atmosphere of entrepreneurship at school, at home, at work, on the Internet, or wherever they are. This initiative will inspire the youth to develop their entrepreneurial potentials, create a new generation of entrepreneurs and empower them to acquire information, skills, connections and values that are needed to build a innovative and sustainable-developing enterprise to positively impact themselves and the people around them.


About GEW China

Since GEW’s creation in 2008, started and developed by the joint efforts of Britain, the US, China and other countries, more than 10 million people from 102 countries have participated in entrepreneurial-related activities during the Week. US president Obama, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and other famous political celebrities have participated in this event via various activities to jointly promote entrepreneurial spirit spreading all around the world.

EFG has signed an agreement with the committee of GEW and has become the sponsor of GEW China since 2008. By spreading the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship, and integrating the resources, EFG is devoted to building a platform of GEW that attract the attention and participation from the whole society.

In China, EFG spares no effort to create the power of cohesion, influence and innovation of GEW China. As of now, GEW China has organized activities in 17 provinces, 123 cities, 180 colleges and universities in China, worked with more than 50 institutions and 120 media, held 100 entrepreneurship-themed events, and collected over 20,000 entrepreneurial proposals. And the total number of participants has exceeded 150,000, including entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial service providers, investment agencies and enterprises interested in entrepreneurial field.

GEW China Official Web:


About EFG

Founded in August 2006, Shanghai Technology Entrepreneurship Foundation for Graduates (EFG) was China’s first non-profit public foundation who spreads entrepreneurial culture and supports entrepreneurial practice. With creating entrepreneurial environment, planting entrepreneurial seeds and stimulating entrepreneurial power as its goal, EFG has been developing activities like Entrepreneurial Education, Entrepreneurial Proposal and Entrepreneurial Support with the joint efforts from all sectors of society. As of now, it has set 23 chapters and special funds, and has created a network for spreading entrepreneurial culture in all areas, cultivating entrepreneurial talents and supporting entrepreneurial practice. By the end of October 2016, EFG has received 5,690 entrepreneurial projects' applications and funded 1,559 projects in total. An increasing number of entrepreneurs with dream, passion, preparation and capacity are constantly emerging and developing accompanied by EFG.


About STEP Group

Shanghai Technology Entrepreneurship Platform Group (STEP Group) is founded by EFG in 2010 with registered capital of 772 million RMB. With “Solving Entrepreneurial Difficulties, Supporting Startups’ Development” as its mission, STEP Group now has set up service eco-chain for early-stage startups with fund and investment management, financial innovation service and  resource sharing platform as its core. STEP Group manages 3 billion RMB in funds and directly or indirectly invests 150 early-stage startups every year; with new 800 million RMB guaranteed loans, it provides services for 400 early-stage technology startups; with 30,000 square meters area of incubator under management, it annually incubates more than 100 early-stage startups; more than 20 roadshows and 100 entrepreneurial activities will be held annually by STEP Group, creating an investor bank of more than 1,000 investors.

STEP Angel focuses on early-stage venture investment especially in the fields of Intelligent Technology and new Internet services, and is devoted to the promotion of the development of innovation, entrepreneurship and angel investment.

Angel & Early-stage Ventures: focusing on early-stage startups, it has invested more than 100 early-stage startups, of which many startups has successfully existed.

Angel & Early-stage Ventures FoF: focusing on professional angel investment and early-stage venture fund, it has involved in investment of 6 top angel and early-stage venture fund which are famous in China.

Shanghai Angel Investment Guidance Fund is founded by Shanghai Municipal Government and aims at leveraging and guiding social capitals to participate in angel and early-stage investment, supporting professional angel investment organizations interested in early-stage services, and promoting the growth of technology startups. STEP Group is under management of Shanghai Angel Investment Guidance Fund and has successfully invested 41 angel and early-stage venture fund.

STEP Fund: with “focusing on early stage, close to success” as its slogan, STEP Fund is founded in 2008 by STEP Group with the joint effort of Guidance Fund, listed companies and private companies, and it is a venture investment fund managed by a seasoned VC team.

STEP Fund manages fund of nearly 1 billion RMB, mainly facing the areas of new materials, healthcare, cleaning technology and modern services, etc. Now nearly 100 companies are invested by STEP Fund, of which 90% are early-stage startups.

STEP Finance: Launched by Tu Guangshao, the former vice mayor of Shanghai, on April 8th 2011, STEP Finance is the first financing guarantee institution since Shanghai financing and guarantee became standardized. It focuses on the services for technology SMEs and aims at providing diverse and low-cost guaranteed loan for SMEs. It has cooperated with Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology, Administration Committee of Zhangjiang High-tech Park, Pudong Financial Bureau, China Development Bank, Commercial Bank and Trust and Banking to launch technological financing innovation products, such as Kedaitong Guarantee, unified loans and unified trust. With the joint effort of investment organizations, it launched new innovation models, such as linking model of investment, guarantee and loan, accumulatively providing 4 billion RMB of financing, guarantee and loans for nearly 800 companies.

In September 2015, STEP Guarantee set up loan service which aims at providing loans with short term, high efficiency and convenience for SMEs. It offers customized financing products and services based on unique management system of trust and loans cooperated with investment organizations and high-tech parks. And it has launched Entrepreneurial Loans, STEP Loans and Legal Person Loan. During the year since its establishment, it has accumulatively provided almost 700 million RMB of short-term loans for nearly 150 companies.

STEP Incubator: STEP Incubator focus on providing office services and value-added services for technology startups. Cooperated with Excellence Group, Vanke Group, Shanghai Real Estate Group and Shanghai Railway Construction Group, it is devoted to creating office services that fit with the characteristics of startups. Now, STEP Incubator owns 12 incubators distributing Yangpu, Xuhui, Baoshan, Minhang with the area of more than 3,000 square meters.

STEP Co-angel: STEP Co-angel is founded by STEP Group

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