Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016 Makes Impact in Countries Around the World
Photo Credit: GEW Sudan
Wray Bradner
10 Jan 2017


As Global Entrepreneurship Week continues to grow in local communities around the world – and expand to new countries – the impact of the week-long celebration is illustrated in the millions of people who take part in activities and the strengthening of the global entrepreneurial ecosystem each year.

In the more than 30,000 events and activities held simultaneously around the world, many focused on the featured GEW 2016 themes for the year’s campaigns, including Cities, Youth, Women, Investors and Scale-Ups.

In Sudan, through one GEW event included “Startup Juniors,” an event where students had the chance to experience hands-on the world of business and business creation. The event aimed to change students’ perspectives on how they can manage their lives and create jobs to support themselves, their families and community. Participants realized they can achieve great things – creating change and bringing their ideas to life – in part because GEW and its partners support organizations are their to support their dreams and provide resources.

Through the Startup Juniors event, students met other peers and used teamwork to experience what it would be like to bring a venture idea to fruition.

“Startup Juniors left a true positive impact on me,” said Nashaz, one of the participants. “It was an amazing turning on point in my life. In the past, I never paid much attention to business and a marketing, now I take everything from a scientific and practical point of view – and how I can turn certain ideas into successful business. The program gave us a strong motivation and taught us we are a force to be reckoned with, that we are a strong group that can establish strong businesses. It impacted our personalities in a way that gave us more confidence in ourselves before developing our products. The event was truly a push forward for us.”

In Ecuador, there was a significant intervention of the female sector in Global Entrepreneurship Week events. In some of the most important events, the GEW Ecuador host reported that participants in many of the popular events were made up nearly 70 of percent women – including events like the SMARkeTing Day, which was organized by women in entrepreneurship, and the attendees were mostly women.

Girls in Tech Ecuador, Rails Girls Quito, Mujeres Proactivas (Proactive Women) from BuenTrip, Impacto Quito, and other female-based organizations had events for women in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

And on the other side of the world, the GEW South Korea host reported that an educator at a vocational school recently introduced an entrepreneurship workshop for her students after 25 years of teaching.

The teacher said she worked hard to customize materials and adjust her teaching methods and pedagogy for the next to years – and now said she feels that she has become more passionate and interactive, and that student’s self-esteem seems to have improved thanks to using and teach entrepreneurial skills.

During GEW in Korea, there was an educators’ training workshop that was limited to 80 participants – but had an interest of more than 240 people. The workshop discussed an outline that through 2018, Korean public and private schools should include entrepreneurship as part of regular courses.

Jessica Wray Bradner

Marketing Manager | Local Entrepreneur

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