Entrepreneur is Excited to Open Doors for Funding
28 Dec 2015

This is part of a series of blogs from the four entrepreneurs participating in the Women’s Venture Xchange-Africa initiative. The Xchange is a mentorship and exchange program for high-growth women entrepreneurs based in Africa. The initiative is being run by the Case Foundation, the Mara Foundation, the Global Entrepreneurship Network and the U.S. Department of State. 

Success is always possible when you believe in yourself and when you keep trying without getting tired, no matter the challenge you are facing. The end of the Women’s Venture Xchange program in Nairobi was amazing. I joined the program with the intention of being able to clarify my business idea and hence generate revenues.

The first week of my program was about building a business model, pitching and developing a deeper understanding of my business in terms of the value I create, the market, my customers, sources of revenue, the products that I offer, as well as my team. I really loved that session because we used a modern tool, known as Visual, and it was very simple to use. It was really pleasing for me, and even for my program organizers, when I stood out among 501 change-making projects that were submitted to compete for a $20,000 fund. Even if I ended up in fifth place, the power, energy and confidence that I gained from the Xchange was more than enough for us to celebrate. I really believe it will continue to unlock many doors ahead of my entrepreneurial journey.

As I always say, learning new things and improving without getting tired, are two of the major keys of success. Though most of the time we learn in a painful way, it does not mean we are not doing the right thing. But this always prepares us to be the most capable and faithful, for the most responsible positions and the most difficult service.

Visit the Xchange website for updates on the initiative. 

Hyasintha Ntuyeko

Founder and CEO

Hyasintha Ntuyeko is founder and CEO of Kasole Secrets Co. Ltd., which manufactures and distributes sanitary napkins made out of bamboo. The… More