Kosovo Prepares for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016
25 Oct 2016

Kosovo partner organizations recently gathered for the first time this year to share ideas on the organization of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Kosovo. GEW is known as the world’s largest campaign that promotes entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit. It reveals a great opportunity for businesses to network and build their entrepreneurial aspirations.

This is not the first time that Kosovo has taken part of such a magnificent platform, considering that Kosovo is hosting this event for the fifth year in a row. In 2014, Kosovo received the prize “Brand and Community Champions,” as a result of joint efforts on the promotional GEW campaign. GEW Kosovo will be held during the month of November, with the objective to inspire people through local and global activities.

This week is designed to promote and motivate self-starters and innovators to build their entrepreneurial aspirations through establishing the connection between participants and potential business angels, investors, mentors or collaborators. The Kosovo partner organizations discussed the series of events which are going to take place during GEW 2016.

The organizations are looking to host their own events, get involved and give their contribution in collaboration with other companies. In this coordination meeting, the participating organizations discussed the five main GEW Kosovo 2016 themes:

  • GEW Women
  • GEW Youth
  • GEW Investors
  • GEW Cities
  • GEW Scale-ups

Global Entrepreneurship Week promotes a platform that not only spreads awareness, but also connects and encourages collaboration while engaging diverse entrepreneurial groups The themes mentioned above are going to be the key mechanisms to stimulate entrepreneurship in Kosovo.

During GEW Women day, we aim to celebrate the empowerment of women in business. The involvement of women in the entrepreneurship world would not only address equality, but also poverty and financial stability in Kosovo. This day will be marked and designed to specifically promote confidence and strengthening decision-making of women in Kosovo. While women are globally unrepresented in so many ways, we as a young country aim to support and increase opportunities for a better society.

On the other hand, GEW Youth aims to empower youth into creativity, innovation and spreading their energy to start their ideas into startups and later business. Considering the high population of youth in Kosovo, the empowerment of young people to take ownership of their ideas, skills, and aspirations is a vital GEW 2016 issue. We want to support them to take the lead and come up with creative solutions to the problems that matter to them and their community.

Another theme discussed in the meeting was GEW Investment, which creates opportunities for businesses to network, search for funds and alternatives to strengthen their position in the market.

Moreover, GEW Scale-up brings people together to celebrate the acceleration of new and existing businesses in the age of technology and innovation. The ability to access the market, gain revenue and promote collaboration are some of the key topics to be discussed during this session.

Last but not least, the organizations will help to organize the session of GEW Cities in the aim to support the local entrepreneurs through ensuring new opportunities. This way new entrepreneurs will be able to explore resources, connect, launch new startups and enhance the existing businesses through generating jobs and economic growth. In addition to participating in GEW, this year Kosovo is selected as one of the 15 countries by Global Entrepreneurship Network to get exposed and promoted internationally. GEN is an initiative that aims to develop global ecosystems while highlighting the main events, activities, and programs in the field of entrepreneurship. 

GEN aims to encourage entrepreneurs to take a step forward and expand while sharing ideas, skills, and actions to start and scale. 

Whether you are a new startup, you have already established your business or you just have a brilliant idea, GEW Kosovo will provide a great opportunity for networking and building your aspirations.

So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars and get ready for #GEWKosovo 2016 which takes place from Nov. 14-20. Join us and let’s celebrate the Kosovo entrepreneurial growth!

You can read the original blog post at ICKosovo.com.

Uranik Begu

Executive Director | Innovation Centre Kosovo