From GEW Village to Makers4Africa: GEW Updates from Nepal Mali and Lebanon
16 Nov 2017

Buke Cuhadar, GEN’s vice president of global operations, provides a snapshot of Global Entrepreneurship Week activities in countries around the world, spotlighting efforts of GEW hosts and partners to celebrate entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial spirit.  

According to Deependra Chamlagai, the Director of Operations of the Samriddhi Foundation, the official GEW host organization is Nepal,  during the last five years of celebrating GEW in Nepal, they have gained increased support from many partner organizations as well more government support. “We are pleased to have universities, ventures capitalists, organizations promoting entrepreneurship,  incubators and government agencies involved.   The week aims to develop and celebrate entrepreneurship across Nepal.”

Among this year’s GEW activities are  a“University Talk” program, policy roundtable discussions with different Ministries,  Entrepreneurship Storytelling Series and an Idea Competition.  One of the largest events of the week will be held in Kathmandu with the theme “Entrepreneurship and Prosperity”. Current endorsements for the week include the Minister of Industry.

The second edition of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Mali is featuring the Agency of Investment Promotion and the World Bank Group among its partners. According to Seydou SY from Jokkolabs, the official host organization in Mali, there is much excitement among the ecosystem players organizing various startup leaders to come and to share their experiences with the youth of Mali.

One of the vibrant activities for the week coming from Mali is “Makers4Africa”.  This is a concept that was launched earlier this year with the goal to gather together the technology community in Africa to figure out ways to address the challenges facing Africa today. 

This year’s biggest event was a presentation of The Agency of Investment Promotion that was held on November 15, 2017 in Bamako.  The focus of this event was to introduce the community to all of the various opportunities of investment in Mali.  This event is a prelude to the “Invest in Mali” event that will be held in Bamako in December 2017.    The week was made possible with the support of World Bank Group and API.

According to Andre Abi Awad from Entreprenergy, the official GEW host organization in Lebanon, this year’s biggest accomplishment was to attract even more organizations and participants in order to begin to build a community of business leaders to encourage entrepreneurship in Lebanon.

There are many events going on this year at the GEW Village in Beirut Digital District, where partners are organizing their events in the venues offered by BDD.  The aim is to create more traction in one place during the week with many networking events and parties after the programs almost each day.

Buke Cuhadar

Vice President for Global Operations | Global Entrepreneurship Network

Buke Cuhadar serves as Vice President of Global Operations for the Global Entrepreneurship Network, a year-round platform of programs and… More