Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019 in Nepal
Celebrating GEW in Nepal 2019
Photo Credit: Samriddhi Foundation
22 Nov 2019

By Ayushma Maharjan 

For one week each November, Nepal experiences an outburst of energy and enthusiasm among entrepreneurs and youths. From corporate houses to start-ups and educational institutions to students, everyone in the business community are involved in the hustle and bustle of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), rejoicing on the biggest celebration of innovators and self-starters in Nepal.

This year (2019) marks the ninth celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Nepal. For nine consecutive years, Samriddhi Foundation has been proudly hosting GEW along with the myriad activities and events accompanied by the occasion. Today, a multitude of entrepreneurs and start-ups have collaborated with Samriddhi Foundation to conduct activities that not only promote and encourage existing business ventures but also inspire individuals to pursue bold innovative ideas by introducing them to new possibilities and exciting opportunities.

Currently, revolving around the four themes of GEW 2019 – inclusion, education, ecosystem and policy, events that are important for the growth of entrepreneurship in the country are being organized all over Nepal.

Samriddhi Foundation officially commenced GEW 2019 with a week-long social-media event ‘Start-up Account Series’. The program intends to promote the most prominent start-ups in Nepal that have potential to become an indispensable asset for the Nepalese economy in the near future. It also aims to provide new market opportunities to the newly founded businesses by enhancing their social media presence.

Similarly, in an attempt to mark the achievement of hundred women entrepreneurs in the country as well as to strengthen and boost them, Federation of Women Entrepreneurs’ Associations of Nepal (FWEAN) organized a panel discussion on “Invest in Her for Trade Balance and Enabling Business Environment in Nepal”.

Amidst these celebrations of success, Clock b and Blinc Venture facilitated a discourse namely, ‘Start-up Huddle’, where founders of innovative start-ups presented stories about their inspiration, struggles and challenges among a greater mass of youths who someday aspire to become an entrepreneur. The program also aimed to provide suggestions to the struggling enterprises by providing a wide range of ideas from the audience.

For the purpose of instigating pioneering ideas to solve the innumerable problems in various communities, King’s College is organizing a four-day program – Industry Lab. The program provides a platform for youths to work with industrialists and come up with innovative business models which not only is profitable but also facilitates in mitigating community problems.

Other forms of panel discussions, talk programs and networking events are also being organized at different parts of Nepal by various local partners.

Since entrepreneurship development largely depends on conducive policy environment, advocacies for intensive policy reform to mitigate the ambiguities in the Acts and Regulations that persist in Nepal is of utmost importance. Thus, to end the week with some promising achievements that will help enable sound policy environment for entrepreneurs and investors, Samriddhi Foundation will be organizing a discussion program, ‘Reducing Regulatory Barriers’. It aims to facilitate a discourse among policymakers, journalists, sectoral experts and entrepreneurs to achieve actionable reforms in creating entrepreneurship-friendly policy regime in Nepal.

Lastly, apart from celebrations, GEW in Nepal has certainly been a platform where individuals from various sectors come together to advocate for and build conducive environment for entrepreneurship growth.

Kim Bettcher

Director of Knowledge Management | Center for International Private Enterprise

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