CELEBRATE | January 27, 2017

Partners Entrepreneurship Hubs Help Lead GEW Ukraine

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Ukraine celebrated Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016 with partners all around the country, including the larger cities of Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, and Chernigiv. The GEW host organization in Ukraine, Startup Ukraine, hosted 21 events with 12 partners. Startup Ukraine is the first educational center for entrepreneurs in Ukraine dedicated to developing the entrepreneurial spirit and nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ukraine. Their activities aim to increase knowledge of entrepreneurialism, share experiences and inspire entrepreneurs to fulfill their potential.

Startup Ukraine announced a Startup Challenge Online during GEW Ukraine, the first distance- learning course to create your own business, making it possible to study entrepreneurship remotely.

One of the main event partners of GEW Ukraine, Privat Bank, the largest commercial bank in the Ukraine, organized the “Wave Business Forum” which was held in the city of Poltava on Nov. 18, and Kiev on Nov. 21, and then moved forward to all the other major cities in Ukraine. The Business forums were held within the framework Privat Bank’s KUB "Country of successful business" program, designed provide the help and support to the entrepreneurs in the country. The forums will also facilitate a dialogue with entrepreneurs and businessmen, to discuss issues and problems and come up with solutions.

There were also a large number of events aimed at Ukraine’s successful IT sector, which continues to outpace other sectors in terms of growth. IT workers “aitishniki” who often have salaries higher than other professionals also contribute to growth of the restaurant businesses in the major cities where they live. These events, such as those organized by IT-House located in Ternopil gather developers to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences. During GEW Ukraine they also organized seminars on the use of social networks and Youtube for business.

GEW Ukraine event partner, Chasopys, a coworking space for IT, photography and design entrepreneurs in Kyiv, organized a workshop on usage of business slang. Spalah, another education and co-working hub located in Dnipro, organized a business English club where likeminded entrepreneurs can get together and practice their business English speaking skills on topics of importance to their business.

“I coworking hub,” also located in Dnipro, organized a number of different lectures, workshops and mentorship sessions on project management, finance management, change management, and sessions on Agile PM and user experience. They also created podcasts where they held auditions for their own business radio Open University Radio OUR.

Impact Hub, located in Odessa, a center for social initiatives and social entrepreneurship, organized a chocolate shop workshop by Anna Varvarenko, the founder of KISS Chocolatier in Odessa, as part of their Small Business Development Series “Opening a …”. 

The workshop was both about the practical aspects of running a chocolate business and about the inspiration and creativity. Impact Hub also dedicated a day during GEW Ukraine to a business forum on the creative economy, which included discussions with experts and activists from different fields involved in the creative economy as well as a master class on creative business tools. The forum brought together businessmen, cultural managers, event and festival organizers and creative economy entrepreneurs.

Impact Hub also organized a workshop on the cost of doing business delivered by Alexey Gerashchenko. The workshop reviewed different business evaluation methods and when to apply each method. The participants learned how successful Ukrainian startups were able to attract hundreds of millions of dollars (for example, Snapchat’s acquisition of Looksery for $150 million) and how to approach the evaluation of any business from a huge enterprise to a newsstand.

Ivano-Frankivsk Urban Space 100 restaurant – another event partner of GEW Ukraine – is a a successful example of mobilizing a community around a common idea. The income of the restaurant is dedicated to implementing social projects of the city. The founders have brought together 100 social activists who implement these social projects across the city. Urban Space 100 held a lecture on "How to create a interior studio from zero and build it up to 15 employees.“ Topics covered included what mistakes to avoid when you no longer work alone, and what distinguishes the work of the designer and owner of the studio work.

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