U.S. Under Secretary of State Believes Entrepreneurs Will Be a Driving Force in Economic Recovery
United States
18 Nov 2020

Keith Krach, Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment for the United States Department of State, wishes Americans everywhere a happy Global Entrepreneurship Week.

As a former entrepreneur, global CEO, and engineer himself, he knows all too well how challenging and rewarding it can be to build a business from scratch and take it to escape velocity. Successful entrepreneurs help grow local economies, create better quality jobs, and increase global economic security and prosperity.

He believes that entrepreneurs will be a driving force in the world's post pandemic economic recovery and emphasizes the importance of supporting women entrepreneurs, who are charing bold new paths. When women are economically empowered, they reinvest in their families and communities, creating a multiplier effect that spurs economic growth.

The State Department is proud to celebrate its entrepreneurship programs and what they've achieved for transformational leaders around the world.

To learn more about the State Department's efforts to support entrepreneurship globally, visit their website.

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