CELEBRATE | November 18, 2016

Learning How to Embed Core Values Throughout a Business in the UK Publishing Sector

Photo Credit: I am Squarehead


Simon Frank and his partner, Margit Mulder founded the range of I Am Squarehead children’s books on the back of a Facebook status post. Joining Virgin Unite’s Action Network truly allowed them to bring their core values to life. Simon describes what the core values of his business are and what the ‘People Challenge’ taught him.

I am Squarehead Ltd is an independent publisher of illustrated children’s books. We began with a successful Kickstarter campaign, the money was raised within three days. We were also pleased to find that we were selected by Mr Fox Magazine – an online style guide for parents – as the number one kids product launched on Kickstarter that year. Later that year, a conversation led to a licensing deal with Wholegood Ltd who distribute via Ocado. Our characters are now used on packaging for a range of healthy, organic children’s snacks. We have a growing line of products on Ocado, who also distribute our books.

We liked the energy surrounding Virgin Unite, which is what attracted us to joining the Action Network. It feels fresh and vibrant, a place where like-minded entrepreneurs can share ideas and learn from one another.

We did initially have an understanding of core values, but the prompting from Virgin helped us to make sure that we incorporated them throughout our business.

The core values we recognised before we launched our business, and that we’ve since embedded throughout our company, are:     

  • Creative in everything we do
  • Happy to be ourselves
  • Proud of what we create
  • Generous with our talent

Taking part in the ‘People Challenge’ allowed us to learn that we can weave our core values into every part of the business. It allowed us to launch our ‘1 in a Million Club’, in recognition of the hard work our staff puts in. In return, we’ve seen what a positive effect it’s had on us and our company.

For more on Virgin Unite’s Action Network, visit here.

Simon Frank and his partner, Margit Mulder, founded the range of I Am Squarehead children’s books on the back of a Facebook status post. Joining… About the author