Press Releases | December 16, 2019

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019 - Hungary

FIVOSZ Founder and President Patrik Kovács opening the week in Hungary , Full house in Budapest , Many interesting questions were raised by our participants , Csaba Zajdó, winner of the Young Entrepreneur of the Nation Award 2019 , Gala at the Gundel Restaurant , The team for 2019 , Wonderful participation with over 12,000 registered individuals
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On the 18th of November 2019, the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Hungary opened its doors to the thousands of enthusiastic youngsters who have registered to the event for the 12th time since the inception of FIVOSZ in 2007. Along with another 170 countries in the world, the Global Entrepreneurship Week’s initiative was taking place between the 18-22 November, and the reception and feedback were nothing but outstanding for both the organizers and the participants. The number of people who registered were above 4.600 just in Budapest, and 12.000 in total across the country.

This year’s event kicked off in Miskolc and Győr, two regional capitals where the attendance was higher than in previous years thanks to the effort put into publicizing the event. In Miskolc, hundreds of people took part in Creppy Palacsintaház’s programs, where the owner of Mercedes Miskolc, the founder of Codecool and IND, the owner of Presston PR and the CEO of Panyolai Pálinka held speeches about various topics aiming to provide youngsters with a head start in their entrepreneurial endeavours. Similarly to Miskolc, the event in Győr proved to be fruitful for both FIVOSZ who were organizing the event, and the youngsters who decided to participate. The program saw one of Oszkár’s founders holding a speech about how he made a university project into a sharing economy start-up, that became a small and medium enterprise utilized by tens of thousands of users today. A representative of ZOON also made an appearance, as well as the founder of Trial Show Hungary, and the founding member StartITup Győr to help young people to take the first step in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

On the 2nd day, 19th November, two events were held simultaneously in Nyíregyháza and Szombathely, both being capitals of their respective regions. Correspondingly to the first day’s locations, these two beautiful cities’ programs made hundreds of young people curious and wanting to know more about entrepreneurship. In Nyíregyháza, ProjectMine, Alfabrand, and GP Consulting made a presence in giving speeches and holding presentations about various aspects of the entrepreneurial world. Szombathely did well too, with E.On presenting the future prospect of driving electric cars, and how this could be of potential help to upcoming entrepreneurs. Palace and Pajta were discussing the work/life balance difficulties that entrepreneurship entailed, also highlighting the positive aspects of striking out on one’s own, while Pajta talked about their success story in the world of gastronomy. Both days proved to be quite eventful and an interesting experience for aspiring young entrepreneurs.

The 3rd day saw the opening of Zalaegerszeg, a regional capital that attracted hundreds of curious youngsters to their event. It was highly successful, as the presentation held by Autófókusz’s owner, and the discussion panel held by the research centre Századvég proved to be quite the hits among the participants. It would be peculiar not to mention that the country’s capital, Budapest, also opened its doors on its first day of event. More than eight thousand individuals were interested, and more than four thousand registered immediately after the programs were announced, which were anything short of uniquely exciting. It actually was our record number of registrations ever since 2012. On the 20th, József Felföldi made an appearance and gave interesting answers to the questions posed by the moderator and the public. Participants could also listen to the success story of Porsche, followed by green energy alternatives regarding the field of agriculture. Following the short break, it was high time to listen to successful female entrepreneurs, who made it thanks to their outstanding effort in their enterprises. Perte, Amway, and the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency’s representatives held an interesting conversation about following the path of entrepreneurship as a woman.

They were followed by Ferenc Kedves recounting his success story, who became an entrepreneurial success with pet food. His interview was followed by possibly the most unique roundtable talk, where the first and only Hungarian astronaut, Bertalan Farkas, stole the show by reminiscing his past, and making the future of Hungarian space research look bright and important to focus on. He was taking part in a discussion panel with the founder of PuliSpace, founder and owner of MUZIX Group, and the minister responsible for space research, Dr. Orsolya Ferencz. GP Consulting were also represented in Budapest in their presentation about entrepreneurship security, which was followed by a discussion panel where celebrities who successfully made it into the entrepreneurship, business sector were discussing the balance between making it in both areas.The day was concluded by co-owner Tamás Langár’s presentation on Café Frei, and it becoming an international coffee house franchise, followed by a discussion panel on the sharing economy and its ever-increasing relevancy by the leaders of Rendi, Foxpost, Oszkár and HEPA.

On the 21st November, the last regional event was held in Szeged, which saw the largest participation among countryside cities holding the Young Entrepreneurs Week. Rendi also took part in Szeged, as well as a number of high profile individuals in the political sphere who were enthusiastically giving tips and tricks on becoming a successful entrepreneur, and the importance of starting business at our domicile, and not elsewhere. The event in the regional capital was met with a favourable outcome, where hundreds of participants and the many organizers seized the day afterwards. Back in Budapest, the second day of the event began. Similarly to the first day, thousands of curious youngsters attended the many programs that were offered. Among them was the Mogyi’s story, presentations by OTP Bank, Mastercard, and a discussion panel about Fintech, among leaders of OTP, Mastercard, UnionPay International and Peak Financial Services. This heavy but absorbing topic was followed by the important generation change in family businesses, where leaders of Oázis Kertészet, Biofilter, Bravos, and the head of department of Youth Programs, from the Ministry of Human Resources took part in an engrossing discussion.

Afterwards, the co-founder and CEO of WizzAir, József Váradi, told the success story of the Hungarian airlines. Following his intriguing take on entrepreneurship, the president of the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation gave a speech on the importance of ensuring a successful generation change. He was then followed by tech and innovation companies such as Continental, EMIKA, BGE, Ericsson, and MOL in discussing the importance of technology and innovation going hand in hand and keeping up with progress. HRP and ETIAM came next in conversing about enterprises and IT systems and their relevance in the field. The day was concluded with a conversation between the leaders of the Budapest Zoo, Zsolnay porcelain manufactury and Gundel Restaurant, in which the closing event was about to take place on Friday, 22nd November.

The Gala Dinner, which always takes place after the Global Entrepreneurship Week set in Hungary, was to begin at 7 pm at the Gundel Restaurant, perhaps the most prestigious and famous restaurant in Hungary. The Dinner hosted the most illustrious individuals in both the political and economic sphere, from both Hungary and abroad. This year, FIVOSZ had guests from fifteen different countries, and had 150 guests to participate. The National Young Entrepreneur Award of the Year was handed to Csaba Zajdó, who is the owner of Innonic Group and Shoprenter, based in Debrecen. He grossed an incredible amountsof wealth at the young age of 37, and proved to be the rightful victor of this year’s award.

Finally, this event could not have been successful without the thousands of participants over these days, who were honouring FIVOSZ with their presence, who asked thought-provoking questions, and who, all in all, made the events both in the countryside and in the capital colourful and memorable. This would also not have been possible without the Global Entrepreneurship Week initiate, which helped tremendously to increase the number of interested people. We would like to thank you for taking part, for coming along, and we are looking forward to having you with us next year for an even bigger and better Global Entrepreneurship Week!