GEW 2020 Japan : An overview
11 Dec 2020

For this year's edition of the GEW, Japan has decided to specifically highlight three initiatives, each one of them making the case for what is the future of entrepreneurship:

The first of these initiatives: "始動 ( Start) Next Innovator" Program" has emphasized the need for approaches blending government and public sector commitment at the higher level with key players from the private sector to steer and foster innovation.

The second initiative: "Japan SDGs Innovation Challenge For UNDP Accelerator Labs" has highlighted how CSOs, the private sector, and international organizations can work together to solve global SDGs issues in cross-country collaboration.

The last initiative  " Social Innovation Challenge Japan" has made the case for the responsibility of both public and private institutions as well as international organizations to empower the youth to launch new businesses that will champion and fulfill the 21st-century values of equality, social justice, and inclusion, while driving prosperous and sustainable societies.

As new challenges continue to emerge, and the pace of changes increase in our world, Japan will continue to commit to entrepreneurship and innovation, for everyone on the planet to enjoy a prosperous and sustainable life!

Tristan Bili

Project Manager | Japan Innovation Network

Project Manager @ Japan Innovation Network