EarthDay2020 Heal the World
A group of social activists work to combat the pandemic on Earth Day.
22 Apr 2020

We are a group of social activists, and entrepreneurs that have met through different platforms: Global Entrepreneurship Network, Open World, Erasmus, ASEM and so on.

All continents, 30 people from 23 countries: Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Fiji, Georgia, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Moldova, Nepal, Netherlands, Peru, Phillippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Uganda, USA and Vietnam.

It does not matter that we are on different continents, we have connected beyond geographical distance and spoken languages. We share the same principles of solidarity, inclusive action.

Most of us do not have any musical background and together, we stepped out into vulnerability to connect and bring out messages that matter to us, now that we’re staying at home.

COVID-19 has taken a toll on all of us, some of us are quarantined and staying at home, others losing their jobs and companies, dealing with domestic violence or mental health issues associated with confinement and so on.

The whole care system is risking their lives to save lives and stop the disease from spreading.

On this day, Earth Day, we would like to thank those that step in to support our survival as a human race on the planet.

Firstly, our deepest gratitude goes to HEALTH and essential care professionals: medical, care and supporting staff.

  • Worldwide many doctors and medical staff already lost their lives in the workplace. In Moldova, a quarter of the contagion is among medical staff.
  •  While some health professionals are at the forefront, others are experimenting continuously to find remedies and diminish the rate of contagion.

Secondly, thank you to the activists and entrepreneurs, those that despite the impasse, take the initiative to volunteer their time, capital and efforts to take care of others:

  • Donating money,
  • Changing their manufacturing to produce ventilators and medical equipment,
  • Producing masks and other necessary attire for safety such as visors.
  • Mental health workers offering free support to help those in need,
  • Innovating to find solutions to the pandemic and hacking ideas to explore relief solutions for the situation.

Of course, primarily now it is about LIFE support, and as a whole, we see the human impact on the natural ecosystems and interconnection between human and animal health, as well as climate change. As per the UN Environment Agency, 75% of infectious diseases come from animals. It is vital that we take a holistic approach to reconsider our ways of conducting business. Nations can take steps toward a more RESPONSIBLE ECONOMY: sustainability, accountability, and inclusivity.


Nick – ARMENIA, Bass, AUSTRALIA + Svetlana – RUSSIA, Natasha  & Sofia – BELGIUM,
Rebecca – CANADA, Liliana – COLOMBIA, Lana – CROATIA, Marios – CYPRUS
Natalia, Cornel, Matei, Christian – FIJI & MOLDOVA, Nino – GEORGIA, Massimo – ITALY, Aziza – KYRGYZSTAN, Andre – LEBANON, Olesea – MOLDOVA, Sagar –  NEPAL, Ingrid – NETHERLANDS, Dina – PERU, Jeanette, Fabian Cyril, Debbie Ann, Antonette & Nap Harold – PHILIPPINES, Mara – POLAND, Miguel – PORTUGAL, Shamudah – UGANDA,  Zak – USA, Que – VIETNAM

Thank you to ElitaTV for guiding us and helping us in the process.

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