Interview // Eugeniu Girla: Working with the New on the Labor Market
23 Sep 2019

GAUS, 2018 Creative Business Cup Moldova National Champion, participated in a global startup competition – CBC International Finals, in Copenhagen. Gaus co-founder, Eugeniu Girla is pitching  recruitment solution.

GEN Moldova: Who are Gaus and where does the name come from?

Eugeniu Gîrla (Eugeniu): Gaus is a project co-founded by Eugeniu Girla and Iulian Gulea. I, as well as Iulian, have over 10 years of experience in HR and technology. We have been active in recruiting personnel and human resources in Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Poland and organized career fairs in Chisinau, Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj, Kiev. In addition, we have long worked on human resources consultancy, training and everything that means developing human capital in companies. Iulian has experience on the technology side both as a developer and as a developer of human resources projects.

We have known about 12 years, but in 2016 alone, we decided to launch this project together. Besides us, we also have a team of three people in Chisinau.

If we are to refer to Gaus, then we are proposing to offer very good solutions for the junior labor market. We have no claim that our solution solves all our recruitment questions. When recruiting juniors, you do not need many personalized criteria from the beginning. The entire matching process between the candidate and the company does not take more than an hour; the time varies according to the candidate’s experience, the number of projects, jobs and internships he has done.

GEN Moldova: What plans does the Gaus team have?

Eugeniu: Gaus wants to become the best solution for junior IT recruiting. We are addressing the millenials; the process is a bit more simplistic and more dynamic. We have decided to focus on this segment of consumers because, although general solutions are good, there is now space, necessity, and solutions that are more specialized.

Gaus is available for job search in Romania and the Republic of Moldova and has users in Chisinau, Iasi, Cluj and Bucharest. Now, we want to stay only in these cities, at least until the end of this year.

Both employees and companies, when talking about recruitment, is like talking about going to the dentist. There is a myth that they are not good people on the market and the candidates say employers do everything they cannot pay well. I think that if people had the necessary tools, recruitment would not be such an annoyance.

GEN Moldova: What is the innovation and creative part that differentiates you from others?

Eugeniu: There would be four moments: concentration, new technologies, mobility and expertise.  Above all, we want to be the first name that occurs when the company realizes that it needs junior IT. Then it is about using new technologies, because we are not afraid to try everything artificial intelligence. The third is the knowledge in the field. We come from the industry; we have a team that for many years has been in HR.

If we are talking about mobility, then the trends show with the juniors do not just sit on the computer or TV. Most are on the phones. That is why a mobile app is closer to them. If we look at Uber, it was conceptualized as an application on the mobile phone, which is always beside people and is easy to use.

Gaus allows you to apply the same profile to multiple jobs in a few clicks. The problem of job platforms is that you are looking for a job and you have many, many offers. And you’re happy with the answer, but now you have to go into each of them, read the job description and think if it’s worthwhile to apply to this company or not. We submit a few bids but are relevant and match the candidate to as many criteria as possible, and he applies them to the job they are interested in. The company decides if she wants to talk to that candidate, and we intermediate contact with them.

Both Iulian and I are passionate about data science, Artificial Intelligence, and how these technologies will change how people interact and therefore we have decided to build a solution based on these technologies.

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