CELEBRATE | November 27, 2019

Start-up Account Series: Chetan Dhamala

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Chetan Dhamala

Chairman, Media More

The advance in new media has media universal and accessible to all citizens, however, a large number of media houses are controlled by a few influential people and they also lack representation from every section of society.  This has diminished the potential for millions of people to become better-informed citizens and engage in critical matters. Thus, Chetan Dhamala established Media More Pvt.Ltd., which operates Itahari FM 92.5Mhz.  With the mission of public service, the media house runs radio, television and other electronic media outlets, following a public broadcasting model. It works to bring issues that are central to their lives and communities at the forefront of socio-political debate and discussion. Despite the immense success of Media More, the company has struggled to finance its operations. He says, “In most of the country, the government provides funds to run public broadcasting. However, in the context of Nepal, financial support comes from underwriting by foundations and business along with audience contributions.” He hopes the government can support them so that media houses like his, feel secure to run business.

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