2021 Updates From GEN New Zealand
With the vision “Every entrepreneur has the tools and resources they need to thrive locally and globally”, GEN NZ had a busy start to 2021 with an Unconference, Startup Huddle gatherings, the Entrepreneurship World Cup launch and many more initiatives on the horizon.
23 Apr 2021

GEN NZ had a busy start to 2021 with an Unconference, Startup Huddles in two cities, the Entrepreneurship World Cup launch and many more initiatives on the horizon.


The GEN NZ Unconference on February 10th brought together ecosystem players from across the country to collaborate on connecting entrepreneurs to the resources and people they need to thrive, locally and globally. At the Unconference, the audience sets the agenda -  and meets in small groups and discuss topics that are of interest on the day. Everyone can contribute to the conversation, and the main idea is to connect with like-minded people that you can work together with to achieve your common goals. The Unconference sessions were facilitated, but there wasn't a single “presenter” as such.

National Vision for the Aotearoa

Following the Unconference, 120+ GEN NZ Unconference 2021 participants worked together on the national vision for the Aotearoa highlighting the importance of partnerships, accessibility, giving back, global connectivity, education and sustainability. Click here to find out more about this vision.

Entrepreneurship World Cup

This year's Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020 was co-hosted with GEN NZ, Startup Wellington, and Creative HQ under the leadership of Travis Cornwell and Ryan Walker.  Applications are now open. 

Startup Huddle 

Startup Huddle Wellington launched earlier in 2020 with 4+ successful events to date hosted by Travis Cornwall, Startup Wellington. Startup Huddle Auckland will be led by Pauli Sosa from Startup Auckland as a city host.

GEN NZ aims to have Startup Huddle running in more cities in New Zealand by the end of the year.

Future Agro Challenge 

Creative HQ in partnership with GEN NZ will be hosting Future Agro Challenge starting this year. Follow GEN NZ on social media for more updates.

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