GEN Announces Managing Director to Lead New Affiliate in Peru
Wray Bradner
25 Oct 2017

Romina Diaz to guide GEN Peru to strengthen international connections and implement new programs, initiatives

WASHINGTON, DC – The Global Entrepreneurship Network has appointed Romina Diaz as managing director of GEN Peru. In this role, Diaz is responsible for expanding collaboration among the country’s entrepreneurship ecosystem leaders and connecting them to their counterparts in more than 170 countries.

Diaz said GEN Peru is committed to work toward a “vibrant, innovative and accessible ecosystem” for the entire country – enabling entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and others within the ecosystem to grow and flourish.

The entrepreneurial spirit comes naturally to Peruvians, Diaz said, but the challenge in the country is to boost entrepreneurship with an innovative mindset coupled with evidence-based research on how help entrepreneurs start and scale.

“Peru as a whole ecosystem needs to be ready to empower entrepreneurs to implement solutions that revolutionize market and society,” said Diaz. “My personal mission is to connect the country’s entrepreneurship champions and players to their counterparts in the global ecosystem, through the international opportunities and platforms the Global Entrepreneurship Network offers. At the same time, it is crucial to boost the ecosystem in Peruvian regions by expanding collaboration and assisting to develop high-impact entrepreneurship programs.”

At the global level, GEN operates in more than 170 countries. It fuels healthier start and scale ecosystems by fostering deeper cross-border collaboration and initiatives that engage entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, researchers and entrepreneurship support organizations.

GEN Peru aims to strengthen the ecosystem by focusing on:

  • Conducting entrepreneur training programs throughout the country to share new knowledge and startup analysis.
  • Organizing a comprehensive mentoring program for promising entrepreneurs or startup teams provided by the members of GEN Peru’s Board of Directors.
  • Convening and connecting corporation leaders overseeing innovation strategy to share experiences, challenges and new knowledge.
  • Sharing new research findings and recommendations throughout the national ecosystem to improve program quality.
  • Organizing and supporting community organizers for competitions including Future Agro Challenge, Get in the Ring and Startup Open.
  • Recognizing outstanding startup support organizations during an annual awards ceremony.

Alongside her role as GEN Peru’s acting managing director, Diaz is committed to expanding collaboration among players at the national level, and promoting entrepreneurship in all regions of the country by boosting high-impact educational programs that activate the innovative mindset in young people.

Diaz, representing GEN Peru, was also recognized with the GEN Compass Award for GEN Rookie of the Year at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Johannesburg, South Africa in March 2017.


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