GEN Certified Mentor Program
GEN Saudi launched Certified Mentor Program for ecosystem builders, business professionals, investors, innovators and entrepreneurs during GEW.
11 Nov 2020

As part of GEW, GEN Saudi launched the "Certified Mentor Program" for ecosystem builders, business professionals, investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs in order to support them become true mentors who bring about independent thinkers and leaders with accountability and transparency.

These Certified Mentors will provide the foundation for a world-class mentoring culture leading to long-term benefits for the ecosystem as a whole: stronger growth companies, more opportunities for startups to have access to quality support, and a more mature pipeline for regional angel investors and VCs.

The program targets business people, service providers, successful entrepreneurs, ecosystem builders and those interested in becoming investors or startup board members or who have made some investments and are interested in developing their skills in raising tomorrow's leaders, reviewing opportunities, helping founder and startup development, and understanding international best practices in mentoring and building a company.

The program sponsored by Monshaat took place between November 16, 2020 and January 11, 2021.


Faris AlHazmi

Events Specialist |