Agbove Uniting Local Leaders to Reduce Ecosystem Barriers in Togo
Photo Credit: Edoh Agbove
18 Dec 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – Entrepreneurship support programs in Togo are working to rebound the economy from a decline that hit in 2017, while laying the foundation for a strong, vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem. Edoh Agbove is helping lead Togo’s efforts to unite the country’s leaders and decision makers around these support programs as managing director of the Global Entrepreneurship Network’s country affiliate, GEN Togo. It is through entrepreneurship activity in the agriculture and tech sectors that significant economic growth is occurring – something Agbove hopes to support through GEN Togo and its efforts.

“The idea is to create a space for sharing experiences and practices in a friendly environment and discuss the new challenges facing entrepreneurs in Togo,” said Agbove. “Our ecosystem is aiming to boost the Togolese economy and create more jobs.”

With Agbove’s leadership, GEN Togo will integrate and build upon GEN initiatives by facilitating collaboration among the country’s startup champions and connecting them to their counterparts around the world. GEN Togo will design new efforts to foster the development of an entrepreneurial culture, and initiate activities that promote inclusive economic growth through enterprise development, entrepreneurship training and organizing entrepreneurship events throughout the year.

Agbove has a rich background in enterprise formation. As the executive director of Youth Initiatives for Development (IJD), he led community development training seminars and launched an educational program that provided Togo’s young adults with essential employment skills. Agbove also has extensive experience in finance management, serving as the chief financial controller at CEC – Savings and Loans Cooperative.

He holds a master’s degree in project management from IAEC University and specializes in finance, government and education. He has also worked closely with Togo’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and executed several job creation projects centered on fostering entrepreneurial growth. For his contributions, Agbove received substantial support from the youth and business community including support from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Togo for Global Entrepreneurship Week in the country.


About the Global Entrepreneurship Network
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