Labor Day is behind us, school is back in session and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are flowing once more. This can only mean one thing: It’s fall! And that means it's almost time for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018.

Cities across the United States – and countries around the world – are organizing stakeholders in preparation for another impactful GEW. With less than 10 weeks to GEW 2018, held this November 12 - 18, expect to see many conferences, workshops, pitch competitions, Startup Weekends, networking events and speaker series as we celebrate the entrepreneurs in our communities and introduce new people to entrepreneurship.

Cities across the country join GEW for many different reasons. Some cities celebrate to build international relationships, others are hoping to elevate the role of entrepreneurs in their community, and some cities are hoping to build stronger, collaborative relationships under a unified brand. While each city may have different reasons to participate, we’re all here for the same reason: To celebrate our entrepreneurs and build ecosystems that help them thrive.

So whatever your reasons to celebrate may be, if you are excited about entrepreneurs (because we're really excited about entrepreneurs), join this global movement and add it to your list of fall traditions. Here are a few snapshots of celebrations happening around the country:

Fort Worth, Texas
GEW has helped connect many of the resource partners who help local startups get to know each other better and find new ways to collaborate. At the second organizing meeting for GEW Fort Worth, 18 people attended, and there were representatives from city government, local universities, business incubators and entrepreneurs all coming together to brainstorm ways that they could help build an entrepreneurial community.

Palm Beach, Florida
Palm Beach is excited to be hosting its 6th Startup Weekend and second Pitch Night. The city has held Entrepreneur Week Palm Beach since 2014, bringing neighbors together to build a community of startup champions. Organizers have said they hope GEW brings more awareness and focus on the community's founders who are creating the economic and cultural future. This year, GEW will be a collaboration between Palm Beach Tech Association, 1909, FAU Tech Runway, Flamingo House, Junior Achievement, Business Development Board, Creative Mornings, Social House and Startup Weekend.

Miami, Florida
In past years, GEW celebrations were organized in silos by various organizations. This year, GEW Miami is excited about bringing together the entire South Florida community to collaborate and celebrate entrepreneurship. Locally, organizers hope this will encourage more ongoing collaborations between organizations, and globally, they hope it will bring attention to the all amazing opportunities and resources available in the area.

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Global Entrepreneurship Week is a celebration of what is possible, and in Tulsa, GEW has become an incredible collaboration between dozens of local and national entrepreneurial organizations. Partners such as 36 Degrees North, Techlahoma, the University of Tulsa and Oklahoma State University, Tulsa Central Library, the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation and the City of Tulsa will be engaging again to bring Tulsa’s GEW celebrations to fruition. This year, the city is mixing it up a bit. They’re creating targeted, daily tracks to help entrepreneurs of different stages (i.e. a day for business beginners, a day for high-growth startups, etc.). The hope is that these niche focus days, filled with actionable workshops and high-quality networking activities, will give business owners relevant, tangible takeaways and new connections, ultimately leading to accelerated growth.

Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland is celebrating GEW to further the city’s commitment to support and develop entrepreneurs throughout the region. Organizers have said they see GEW as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the activities that define who they are and where they’re going. GEW Cleveland is hosting event, “Building a Blockchain Ecosystem,” at Case Western Reserve University. Organizers see Case as a fertile place to educate and connect students, entrepreneurs and companies to Blockland, a city-wide initiative designed to transform Cleveland into a center for blockchain technology.

BONUS: This year, Arkansas will be celebrating GEW as a state-wide initiative! Here’s a small sneak peak. GEW USA will have more details on this celebration and how its come to be very soon.

Arkansas is a small state with a worldwide impact and GEW is the perfect platform to share its story.  GEW is giving the state’s ESO’s the unique opportunity to collaborate in ways they haven’t done before. Arkansas regions are all very strong in their respected areas, but geography and industry specialties can inhibit collaboration. GEW is providing a path to statewide teamwork with coordinated programming across ESO’s throughout Arkansas. This action strengthens the ecosystem by creating new relationships, enhancing communication and showing the world a united front in Arkansas’ commitment to grow entrepreneurs. There are many organizations in Arkansas that have communicated regarding making a collaborative GEW a reality. These include the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute, Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center at Arkansas Tech University, The Conductor, Innovate Arkansas, the Delta I-Fund, the Venture Center, the FinTech Accelerator, Startup Junkie, the Walton Family Foundation, the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, the Generator and Techtober.


If you are celebrating GEW this year, we’d love to hear about it! Please email Yuval Yarden at to share your plans.

Yuval Yarden is Director of Startup Huddle at Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN). She is also the host of the newly launched show, The Keystone… About the author