Policy Hack

Startup Nations Policy Hack Playbook


Disruptive technologies pose opportunities and challenges for both traditional industries as well as governments in grappling with unexpected and unfamiliar regulatory issues. 

In response, a new approach to policymaking has emerged – one that is based on dialogue, and sandbox-type idea exchanges. The GEN Policy Hack is designed to help both public and private sector leaders from entrepreneurial ecosystems experiment and leverage this approach. 

GEN members and Startup Nations partners from around the world have iterated on the standard model to adjust to their local policy needs. We invite you to read about the various editions and iterations of the GEN Policy Hack around the world, here.

While the GEN Policy Hack is an enriching experience for all participants, the finalist selection element allows us to provide your winning team an opportunity to further refine their policy design at the annual global edition of the GEN Policy Hack. 


Implementing partners include:

Implementing Partners