About Startup Nations

Startup Nations is a global community of public sector officials and policy advisors focused on unearthing the most effective ways that local and national governments can empower entrepreneurs in their economies and increase rates of new firm formation. Guided by a steering committee of cabinet-level government leaders from across all continents, Startup Nations members test and share local experiences in implementing programs, enacting regulatory changes and using other policy levers to unleash growth entrepreneurship.

GEN Policy offers Startup Nations members regular global meetings like the Startup Nations Summit; a policy and program database and tracking portal – GEN Atlas; regular opportunities to share narratives and collaborate through dialogues – the Startup Nations Policy Dialogues; tools for hacking innovation policies with their peers – the Policy Hack; and a cabinet-level Startup Nations Ministerial to engage their top leadership in the global dialogue on entrepreneurship

Government representatives view Startup Nations as a platform for sharing ideas about what works for government – and what does not – based on trusted relationships with peers and the connection to GEN’s research projects, data and network.

Startup Nations members also have the opportunity to connect and work with GEN country Affiliates to implement innovative approaches to support entrepreneurs in their ecosystems.