100+ Higher Education Institutions Celebrated #GEWUSA2021
Pennsylvania State University, Sacramento State University and Northern Iowa Area Community College hosted some of the strongest GEW USA campaigns in 2021.
14 Nov 2021

Higher education institutions across the country participated in GEW USA this year, shining a spotlight on their entrepreneurship programming, impressive students entrepreneurs, successful alums, and partnerships within their communities.

Education is one of the GEW global themes encouraging all educational institutions to foster innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets among students. Colleges and universities expose students to entrepreneurship as a career path, innovative thinking, and serve as talent pools for local startup ecosystems. Higher education institutions play a critical role in the ecosystem and can serve as an invaluable resource to entrepreneurs at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

In addition to exposing students to entrepreneurship and resources on and off-campus, GEW enables colleges to collaborate with startups in the community and form talent pipelines, creating internships and educational opportunities. GEW serves as an opportunity to start these conversations and relationships that can continue long past the week.

Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) has long been the leader for GEW activities on college campuses and 2021 was no different. This year Penn State, across eight campuses, hosted 47 activities during the week-long celebration. Activities focused on educational content such as Using YouTube to Grow Your Business and Talking to Customers: Understanding What Customers Really Want. There were also several pitch competitions allowing students to test business ideas, as well as several activities addressing inclusion in entrepreneurship such as a Women & Technology Panel and a session on the 6 Traits of an Inclusive Leader.

Another stand-out campus was Sacramento State University with an impressive 36 GEW activities. The Sacramento State GEW campaign not only stands out because of the number of activities but also because of the amount of collaboration and partnerships with organizations throughout the Sacramento ecosystem. This campaign has taken to heart the role they as an educational institution play in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and how they can lead and contribute to its long-term success through activities such as the Greater Sacramento Entrepreneurial State of the Union and Equity, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation in Sacramento and the Broader Region.

Community colleges also play a critical role in ecosystems by skilling a workforce for their communities, and providing entrepreneurs with the tools they need to take their businesses to the next level. Northern Iowa Area Community College had the strongest GEW campaigns from community colleges across the nation. They provided educational content such as Start Smart and Financial Friday, a competition, and an entrepreneur marketplace featuring local creators.

Education will continue to be an important aspect of innovation and entrepreneurship in the United States and globally, and a crucial part of GEW celebrations for years to come.

To learn more about engaging your campus in GEW celebrations check out the GEW Guide for Colleges and Universities and the GEW Guide for Community Colleges.

Ellen Erickson

Director for U.S. Ecosystems | Global Entrepreneurship Network

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