CELEBRATE | October 14, 2020

San Marcos Focuses on Wellness this GEW

Photo Credit: Splash Coworking in San Marcos, Texas

“In order to be successful and advance in your career, you have to have a person pulling you from above, cheering you on the side and pushing you from below.” - Bonny Warner 

This quote is serving as a guide, rooting the nature of this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week activities organized by Splash Coworking who is the 2020 community organizer for the greater San Marcos Area in Texas. We are working under the theme of “The Healthy Entrepreneur." Our planning committee took time to do a deep-dive in evaluating what a healthy, flourishing and thriving entrepreneur looks like.

Do they have a community? Do they have access to resources such as healthcare? In respect to the theme of #GEWEcosystem and #GEWInclusion, this deep dive allowed us to focus on four tracks for #GEW2020: 

  1. The ecosystem at large;

  1. Physical health;

  1. Mental toughness / resilience; and

  1. The health state of a business.  

But first, we had to consider a baseline definition of optimum health with a biomimicry lens. The World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being; and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. These areas of emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual and social health apply to a business or company in the way of company culture. From the micro to the macro level, a healthy ecosystem will have the right conditions for a wide range of organisms to survive and thrive. In theory, if the individual entrepreneur has the resources to access tools to maintain and grow a state of physical, mental and social health, then they can transfer this stability into the team they build.

To obtain a healthy environment, businesses need to value communication and social connection, provide their teams access to healthcare such as telehealth or primary care as well as access to reliable transportation. All of these things play into the quality of life and perhaps the longevity of the entrepreneur’s idea or business.

When in a growth stage, the entrepreneur’s team then applies the health of the company into their personal life through work-life balance and by providing for their livelihood consistently. Ultimately the entrepreneur gives back to the community through job creation, civic engagement or philanthropy. The cycle continues, and the threshold from surviving to flourishing is crossed; and our world in some capacity is better for it. This is the life force behind the need for entrepreneurs. The presence of entrepreneurs results in an improved quality of life, greater morale and economic freedom. 

We can all picture a special town or destination that we become excited about because of the diversity of businesses, attractions and things to do. The culture of a location incorporates some of the identity based on the entrepreneurial activity and presence found in emerging startups and local businesses. As important it is to have a wide range of organisms, diversity of business is just as important to an ecosystem. Having inclusive opportunity allows for entrepreneurial diversity to populate and ultimately creates a thriving ecosystem – flourishing with innovation, solutions and creativity.  

With the goal in mind to uniquely identify San Marcos' entrepreneurial ecosystem during GEW, we are looking forward to highlighting the hyper-local entrepreneurs whose wheelhouse is in physical, mental, social, wellness or business solutions.

The platform of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, allows us to connect with others both nationally and internationally, facilitating diverse perspectives while including best practices, emerging technology, innovation and opportunities within these tracts during our GEW programming. We hope to hear how others are flexing their entrepreneurial muscle this #GEW2020.  

Carina Boston Pinales is the Founder of Splash Coworking the first and only coworking space, community pollinator in San Marcos, Texas. Carina… About the author