GEW Country Host - Welcome and Invite message (GEW 2019)
23 Sep 2019

Welcome & invite message from the ELIF Business Solutions –CEO & Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Country Host.
2019 Global Entrepreneurship Week/ Zambia

The Zambia Global Entrepreneurship Week is here, as Zambia joins the rest of the World celebrating Culture of Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the 18th to 22nd of November, 2019 across the world.
Iam profoundly happy and excited to welcome and invite the usual and new GEW partners, sponsors, exhibitors, SMEs, Businesses, Manufactures, Incubators, Accelerators, local Authorities, Banks, Academia, Policy Makers, Government Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Institutions, including all would be attendees at Lusaka and across the country both at Provincial and District levels ,including Village and Chiefdom level.

The Economy and indeed our nation is faced with a number of challenges ranging from Energy, food security, climate change, high national debt, high food prices and the high currency depreciation, but all whose answer lies in us all as a nation and a people across the country from village by village, District by District and Province by Province during the 18- 22 November 2019 to explore the use of Entrepreneurship and Innovation to come up with new business solutions based on vast natural and cultural resources’ comparative advantages respectively.

It is also interesting to know therefore that Zambia joins the rest of world in preparing and planning for the forth coming 2019 GEW guided by our four main global Themes of:
a. Entrepreneurship and Innovation promotion at all levels of education sectors starting at nursery school
b. Ecosystem creation and strengthening between and among all District, Provincial and National Entrepreneurship and Innovation promotion stakeholders namely; public and private sector, media, academia, chiefdoms, religious organizations & cooperating partners etc.
c. Entrepreneurship & Innovation inclusiveness through the showcasing all institutions and individuals that are Entrepreneurship & Innovation champions on what they are doing to reduce barriers for all to start and scale their businesses.
d. GEW Policy , is aimed at creating a platform to highlight the work policy makers and Governments are doing to help anywhere to start and scale ie; Local Authorities & Central Government / Ministries Inspired by the above themes, this year Zambia Global Entrepreneurship Week is uniquely planned to implemented across the country through strategic mobilization of all Local Authorities through the Ministry of Local Government, the Financial and insurance sectors through the Ministry of Finance through the Financial Inclusion & Education and all public and private stakeholders in the Entrepreneurship & Innovation ecosystem to connect and partner in planning and implementing various GEW activities both in-house and as group events without leaving any one behind.

GEW is the both biggest national and global entrepreneurship and innovation platform, aimed at connecting, inspiring, mentoring, coaching, educating entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs who are idea generators & drivers of Economic growth , also job creators and innovators and ending with the celebration of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship champions.
To all the Zambian entrepreneurs you are invited to attend this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, step-in and step-up as visitors, exhibitors, sponsors and be part of Zambia ‘s Economic growth drivers and leaders. I also take this opportunity to all public sector agencies and institutions and cooperating partners step-in , step-up as partners and sponsors and entrepreneurship champions, also to show case the various policies, programs and activities you are promoting in entrepreneurship and innovation support.

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